About us

China Economic Review is a monthly magazine published in Hong Kong covering business, finance and economics in China. It has been published since 1990. We publish a comprehensive package of original reporting, commentary and analysis for the discerning business reader with an interest in China's economic affairs. Our reporting has won recognition from the Society of Publishers in Asia. Our columnists include veteran analysts and observers like Philip Bowring, Kenneth DeWoskin, Frank Ching, Tom Doctoroff and Paul French. Awards 2008 Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for Editorial Excellence, Honorable Mention, Excellence in Business Reporting "An admirably clear explanation of the development of China's corporate bond market, with enlightening insights on the bureaucratic actors behind the policy shifts and their interests. A fine example of how to write and present an article on what could have been a dry and complex topic" 2007 Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for Editorial Excellence, Winner, Excellence in Explanatory Reporting "Excellent survey of China's innovation potential, which is perhaps the most important angle on China's economic future. A stellar example of regional economic analysis."