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Founded in 1945 in the United Kingdom, Henley Business School is the oldest business school in Europe with a rich heritage and pedigree for developing business leaders throughout the world. Renowned for its international approach, it is in the top 1% of business schools in the world to maintain triple accredited status awarded by the three major accrediting bodies in the UK, Europe and the United States. Henley is a world-class business school with overseas campuses in Finland, Germany, South Africa and Hong Kong. Henley has one of the strongest and most active global alumni networks, with over 56,000 alumni in 150 countries. Since establishing a presence in Asia in 1985, a generation of senior executives including more than 2,000 graduates in Asia have benefited from the unique qualities of the Henley MBA. Henley Executive MBA programme is ranked 45th in the world and 13th in Europe (The Economist 2013), while our full time MBA programme is ranked 1st in the world for “Student Quality” and “Potential to Network” (The Economist 2012). With its global reach, reputation and triple-accreditation, Henley Business School can have a significant impact on your career, outlook and life.
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Other rankings: 
- Executive MBA 13th in Europe
- 45th in the world (The Economist 2013)
- Full time MBA 1st for “Potential to Network” and “Student Quality” (The Economist 2012)
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The Henley Flexible Executive MBA is a 2 year part time programme designed for experienced managers and busy executives looking to develop their international management competencies. The programme combines a blend of individual and group study, online and face-to-face workshops. It attracts executives with hectic travel schedules, relocation possibilities and family commitments from around the region because of the great flexibility over how, when and where programme members achieve their MBA qualification.

Henley’s Executive MBA programme is ranked 45th in the world and 13th in Europe (The Economist 2013). This innovative, highly rel¬evant and practical MBA is for experienced executives who want to continue working full time while studying part time. Programme members visit the United Kingdom for the residential starter workshop, and attend eight weekend workshops in Hong Kong within 24 months. There is a worldwide community of almost 3,000 current participants on this programme as well as over 56,000 alumni in 150 countries.

What differentiates the Henley Flexible Executive MBA from other programmes is its ability to help students see the holistic side of business whilst examining their own companies and resolving real-life challenges. Learning from the programme is focused on direct application to the workplace, ensuring a high degree of relevancy and practicality for programme members and employers alike.

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Henley Business School at University of Reading
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Europe, Asia, Australia, North America etc.
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Not Required
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January 2014
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March 2014
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HK$ 5,000
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HK$ 275,000
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Neil Logan
Neil Logan from Henley Business School in Asia
"Where I think Hong Kong is slightly different from other Henley campuses is that the geography of Asia and growth of Asia is really important to the future of business and indeed the world’s economy. I think everybody understands that for the next 15 to 20 years many of the countries in Asia will be the driving force in the world economy’s growth."
Selected Alumni: 
Michael T.K. Cheung
Dip. B.A., M.B.A., MSc, Chartered Marketer, MCIM Executive Director, Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Limited General Manager, TSL Jewellery (Export) Co., Ltd
“Taking the Henley MBA program is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Throughout the entire program, I have developed and elevated my organizational and analytical skills to a whole new level. The program was practical. The course contents stimulated me to apply academic principles in real-life work environments. I wrote all my assignments & the dissertation based on my actual employment circumstances at that time. I had the opportunity to apply what I learn from Henley directly to my workplace. The benefits were invaluable. The rewards were priceless. I received my Henley MBA award in 2002. Nevertheless, years after that, even nowadays (2010), I have consistently made reference to what I learned from Henley, and apply them in various real-life business situations. It was indeed a superb journey of intellectual development which I cherish for the rest of my life.”
Lizette Smook
Founder and CEO, Innovasians Ltd
“Henley touched and transformed my life in different ways; it transformed my values, changed and shaped my approach to business. With a long and rich heritage of practical business study, the programme provided me with a strong grounding for future success. The flexibility of the program truly allows the executive on the run to schedule travelling and business around exams and deadlines. Every single component is applied to your own organization in assignments – NOT allowing any graduate to leave with a head full of theory only! Henley makes you apply what you learned – creating leaders and not academics”
Benny Guldberg Poulsen
General Manager, Triax (Beijing) Multimedia Co., Ltd General Manager, Beijing Micro Matic Machinery Co., Ltd
“Globalization is constantly forcing leaders and modern organizations to rapidly change and adapt to meet the growing competition. Henley’s Flexible Executive MBA is a journey which has provided me with various handson tools, useful knowledge and greater insight. The lecturers and professors have a high academic level, which has helped me to become more holistic, analytic, reflective and strategic in my thinking. I prepared my assignments based on specific circumstances and challenges in my current job, which was very valuable for both the company and myself. It is a great learning experience, which I will benefit from both privately and professionally for the rest of my life. Henley’s Flexible Executive MBA develops leaders who are prepared to meet the challenges of the future”
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